Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy New Years Eve Bday to me!

                                          Ok so you are welcome for the gun show update!!
                                         I'm wokin at it and making some progress!!:) HEHE!!

     So on December 31, 1979 around 8 pm this girl was born at Magee Womens Hospital in Pittsburgh PA.  My parents still didn't have a middle name picked out.  My dad kept laughing it up about how he scored by being able to claim me on his taxes for 1979 with just a few hours to spare.  He gave me only a middle initial "Shayna D. Deiley".  The D stands for deduction and he just thought that was so funny.  It totally is. OK so I am getting ready to turn 33 years old and I can honestly say I have never felt better in my life.  I don't understand how people do not want to work out and eat pretty well.  I mean our bodies are these awesome machines and I would be pretty pissed off if I went through this life without realizing my machines potential...It is a really awesome thing and It doesn't matter if you get there from biking, hiking, lifting or fucking hula hooping. Just get there. I mean it's the new year and goals are good and you can totally do it.  Ok on to my training...

    I'm back at it and all the Christmas food is outta here. I enjoyed the last few weeks and indulged like crazy but kept training as many days as I could.  I found out that as a physique competitor you have to have a posing routine...TO MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!  A sparkling bikini, make up and music!!  Somebody pinch me!!! This is fantastic!! Well at least it sounds fantastic now however don't get me wrong it also scares me to death.  That is what will make it so outstanding though.  That sense of accomplishment of doing something  SOOOOOO outside my normal comfort zone of  gasping for air and grunting and sporting sports bras, chalk and knee socks.

Positives of the week:  I am back and got in all of my training. Biggest positive ever....learning I get to dance around showing off my muscles to music in June.  Time to bust out the old school bitches.

Negatives: Can't really think of any that won't work themselves out since silly season is winding down and the new year is upon us.  It's been a pretty good week.

 Alright Happy New Year and I am looking forward to my Traditional Coldstone Ice Cream cake and Pork and Sauerkraut on Monday! :)  Have a great and productive week! :)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas!!! :)

      Ok so my plan to eat the way I was supposed to until Christmas backfired on Thursday at Emma's school party and quite frankly I am embracing it.  I've done nothing but parties and eating out and I think that is ok...Tis the season I guess.  I had a couple of good training days but not as many as I would like. This week has been busy with celebration and preparing for the holiday so I am just enjoying it all. One of my gifts from the husband is this super fancy food cooler carrying thing that has spots for all my measured meals for the day, shakes and supplements too.  That was thoughtful and I will bust that bitch out on the 26th. As long as I commit to packing it every night it should be a really great tool. I can totally do it :)   I hope you all have a Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Week one coming to an end.

    Ok so I feel like an alien. Some ankle weights and planks nearly brought me to tears instead of 95 lb thrusters and chest to bar pull ups.  New trainer, new schedule, new programming, new gyms and diet. I have been having trouble keeping up with the diet.  Tons of protein shakes and supplements and trying to keep up with clean eating every three hours, six times a day is a challenge but it is brand new and I am giving it hell.  I suspect it will get easier as I stick to it.  Ohhhhhhh and the awkward ass will need plenty of practice doing that shit.  My trainer is great and very encouraging.  He really gets you fired up and ready to give it your all. His workouts are fantastic.... bars and dumbbells and such, pretty old school and I dig it.    I can't believe I didn't try this sooner!  I don't think I carried my own water once this week!! HOLLYWOOD!!! Get it!! Anyway, my abs were pretty sore because I have to work them everyday.  Apparently a couple years of heavy overhead squats, constant bacon and paleo almond cake did not trim my waistline the way it needs to be now for a figure/physique competitor duh. I still stand by my statement that heavy over head squats make you incredibly awesome, so do some extra for me people!  I can say that my body feels fantastic and mobility is not an issue.  No lacrosse ball or bands needed this week. Sometimes a little less WOD (or a lot less in this case) is a good thing.

Negatives of the week: the fucking constant protein shakes and eating.  I hate eating so much in the morning. I hate measuring. I am ready for my weekly cheat meal so expect to catch me at Luigi's sometime tomorrow.  Chalk, I miss chalk while training.  We all know it makes you instantly stronger the second you stick your hand in the bucket duh.

Positives: after my dad being sick and passing  having this new goal is a welcomed distraction. I had a very long stretch of rarely training and eating straight comfort food which is not good for me.  I need to train. It's who I am.  I feel like a fire has been lit under my ass and I am excited and happy.  He would want that for me. Also, my husband is extremely supportive and shells out tons of money for me to do all this.  He is fantastic.

Above is a pic Greg took last week before this all started.  I'm all full of Sweet Frogs, Mellow Mushroom and PMS.  I thought it would be a great time for a bloated before pic opportunity.   Enjoy the background view of my messy closet with the Lulu hanging out of the dresser drawers. I was to lazy to edit it because I'M TOOO BUSY  EATING SPINACH AND MEAT!!!! LOL!  I can't wait to grow a fantastic round rear....That my friends is exciting. :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Unbelievable right!?!

        It totally is! Who would of thunk I would up and put crossfit on hold for globo gym and cardio. I love the way cf is so hardcore, ripping hands, throwing stones , snatching , climbing ropes...but what I really love is the people and how close you can become.  The comradery is some of the best I have ever seen.  That being said we are also some of the biggest elitest douches I've ever known.  Talking down on any other kind of  fitness and sporting our ridiculous socks and t shirts.  Hey what can  I say...I do love a good puking unicorn tank and tye dye knee socks!! Duh but It's time to break the mold of "CF is the only way" mentality and set new goals and be a different kind of athlete for a while.  Its ok to be fit and not crossfit. Anyway, over the next few months I am going to face a fear of mine and head off into the world of plastic heels, bedazzled bikinis, painted brown skin and hopefully make it to strut around on a stage in front of hundreds this June. Holy shit I may finally grow that ass I've always dreamed of in the process.  It will be nice to have everything documented so i can look back and see my transformation.  Day 1 here we go! :)