Friday, December 7, 2012

Week one coming to an end.

    Ok so I feel like an alien. Some ankle weights and planks nearly brought me to tears instead of 95 lb thrusters and chest to bar pull ups.  New trainer, new schedule, new programming, new gyms and diet. I have been having trouble keeping up with the diet.  Tons of protein shakes and supplements and trying to keep up with clean eating every three hours, six times a day is a challenge but it is brand new and I am giving it hell.  I suspect it will get easier as I stick to it.  Ohhhhhhh and the awkward ass will need plenty of practice doing that shit.  My trainer is great and very encouraging.  He really gets you fired up and ready to give it your all. His workouts are fantastic.... bars and dumbbells and such, pretty old school and I dig it.    I can't believe I didn't try this sooner!  I don't think I carried my own water once this week!! HOLLYWOOD!!! Get it!! Anyway, my abs were pretty sore because I have to work them everyday.  Apparently a couple years of heavy overhead squats, constant bacon and paleo almond cake did not trim my waistline the way it needs to be now for a figure/physique competitor duh. I still stand by my statement that heavy over head squats make you incredibly awesome, so do some extra for me people!  I can say that my body feels fantastic and mobility is not an issue.  No lacrosse ball or bands needed this week. Sometimes a little less WOD (or a lot less in this case) is a good thing.

Negatives of the week: the fucking constant protein shakes and eating.  I hate eating so much in the morning. I hate measuring. I am ready for my weekly cheat meal so expect to catch me at Luigi's sometime tomorrow.  Chalk, I miss chalk while training.  We all know it makes you instantly stronger the second you stick your hand in the bucket duh.

Positives: after my dad being sick and passing  having this new goal is a welcomed distraction. I had a very long stretch of rarely training and eating straight comfort food which is not good for me.  I need to train. It's who I am.  I feel like a fire has been lit under my ass and I am excited and happy.  He would want that for me. Also, my husband is extremely supportive and shells out tons of money for me to do all this.  He is fantastic.

Above is a pic Greg took last week before this all started.  I'm all full of Sweet Frogs, Mellow Mushroom and PMS.  I thought it would be a great time for a bloated before pic opportunity.   Enjoy the background view of my messy closet with the Lulu hanging out of the dresser drawers. I was to lazy to edit it because I'M TOOO BUSY  EATING SPINACH AND MEAT!!!! LOL!  I can't wait to grow a fantastic round rear....That my friends is exciting. :)

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