Sunday, March 31, 2013



         Whew that's a hard thing for me sometimes.  I'm usually all in or nothing at all.  Just recently my daughter came home with a crap grade on her report card.  At first I just thought well this is her fault, but then after speaking with my husband "Direct Greg", I realized it was mine too.  She would leave the house at 8 am 4 days a week and not come home until 9 or later on school nights.  We live far from gymnastics and by the time she got home the last thing we would want to do together is school stuff.  ( Let's face it, the last thing I ever want to do is school stuff!!) She also was trying to keep up weightlifting a couple days a week. I love athletics so it over shadowed her school which in turn dropped down on my priorities.  The balance was all off.  She was  
slacking and I wasn't following up, something needed to change.  So, gymnastics is gone for now or forever...we will see how it goes but one thing I know is I sure love having her home most nights after school now.  She is thriving at weightlifting and doing wods. She has ample time for other sports like volleyball and softball. We are able to get her school work done and have dinner together at home....Ok she has dinner and I sit there with my shake. DUH! We took a step back looked at our situation and decided to change it up. I am hopeful it is for the better. That didn't make the life changing decision less difficult.  She devoted a ton of time to that sport and I am a little sad about that. I think no matter what happens she will carry the experience of being on a team and training so many hours a day throughout her life and be better for it.    

Already making progress:
Emma's muscle up video

        My point is balance is a difficult thing for me and therefore needs constant upkeep. I wonder if everyone is like that or do they all have it together like their Facebook lives show LOL. Thankfully my husband understands me so well it's scary. He let's me know whats up and keeps me in check.  I try to do the same for him. Holy shit my mother was an only child, I'm an only child and so is Emma!!!  I'm sure that doesn't help matters!! Couple that with my addict mentality I constantly need to watch things are not getting out of control.  I can easily focus on my training and my house go to shit.  I could push my kid into so much athletics that she starts to hate school and has little time for friends. I will ignore things I don't like even though they should be at the top of my priority list.  One can be tooooo many and a thousand not enough....cheat meals, BFF Buttercup phone time, crap TV shows, drinks, gym memberships, Lulu, dogs, orgasms ...the list goes on and on. These are not all bad things but I can go overboard with ANYTHING.  I have been around the block enough to learn from my mistakes and try something different when I have to. Sometimes it just takes a minute to realize I have to change.  As long I am always trying to take more steps forward then back we are all good.  Change is hard and no matter how old I get there is always growing pains.  I think they are a good thing because the last thing I want to do is remain stagnant with the same faults I had years ago.

FAVORITE....TRAINING!!  The balance there is simple.  It has a lot to do with my friend Amber!!!  I can be such a sarcastic bitch sometimes and she is the nicest person on earth.  She is the yin to my yang. She pushes me and understands how training is the best therapy. She balances her family, work and training all with a great attitude.  She lets me rant on and on about all kinds of crap about diet, training, and beyond.  She listens to me incessantly talk about my bodily fluids. I make her laugh and she warms my heart. She always has such a sweet perspective on everything I throw at her. The more challenging the better for us!!!  Like me she can beat up most full grown men and she loves to train hard and dirty.  It's incredible that two years ago we went to the CrossFit games together on a team and are now training for this!!!!  I can't wait to be up on that stage with her!!!! WHAT AMAZING EXPERIENCES TOGETHER!!!!!!

Negatives of the week:   This FUCKING DIET!!!  These people are nuts!!!!!  I was so DESPERATE one day that I hid in the fridge, shoved 3 cubes of colby cheese in my mouth, chewed them up until they were mush and then spit them in the garbarge.  I'm not above it and I'm not kidding....

Positives:  Everything else. I feel truly blessed to have the time, resources and support to take this on.  My life is freaking awesome.  I am killing it at the gym.  My ass is finally becoming worthy enough for a song to be written about it.  No shit! :)

Happy Easter and have a great week!!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Holy F*ck This Diet!!

       Ok no joke some moments I struggle.  I can get hungry and tired and I day dream of King Size Milky Way's.  It reminds me a bit like quitting smoking.  I really want it so it makes it easier but at times my mind starts totally fucking with me.... "Go ahead Shayna have that pear, no one will know.", Hey Shayna you don't have to be balled up on the couch in the fetal position with your hoodie up starving and freezing to death you can quit this insanity." Thankfully those are small battles and only last a short period.  For the most part I am getting used to it.  My mind set has quickly gone from "food is for yummy enjoyment" to "this food is here to get me to my goal".  Paleo will be easy after this mess!!

 Check out the levels of douche I'm rockin here at the globo today.  First the meat head shirt up #1 sign in the locker room and then the bicep cable pose.  Throw in a CF tank and BAM the level is so high you can't handle me!!! Hilarious and you are welcome!!!

        So I started my diet last Wednesday and I weighed 151 lbs.  Friday I went on the same scale and was 144.  OH HELL YEAH!!!  This is fun.

Negatives of the week:  The diet, it's hard.  My alarm goes off at 5:30 every single morning and I want to hit snooze. I have to get up and eat or I will be off schedule and be screwed the rest of the day.  Everything must be packed and prepared.  I miss eating out....A TON.  Restaurants are one of my favorite pastimes.   

Positives:  The diet DUH!!! Look at my progress!!!! It's amazing!!!!  I feel good and I want to train constantly!!! :)

Remember diet is everything!!!! Have a great week!!!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

12 Weeks Out.

          OK so time is flying and competition is in 12 weeks. I figured I better take some pics before the body fat starts melting off. It's gonna be all sorts of crazy awesome.  I started my prep diet on Wednesday and I am doing really well.  I gained some confidence by diving right in and even traveling overnight and PMSing during this first week.  I packed my food everywhere I went and prepared each night.  I even brought my measured chicken and rice to a pancake house!  Those pancakes looked delicious but being lean on stage sounds better to me and I am going to do my best to stay focused.  I can tell already that being prepared will be my savior.

     The diet is hard but it is going better then I thought. I pee constantly because of all the water.  I always assume it may get even harder and mentally prepare but progress is my best motivator so we shall see how it goes.  I am a green pea for sure and have no clue how I am going to handle everything. I only cried once and gagged about a hundred times.  It's weird,  I kind of like how challenging it is. Crystal light has quickly become my taste bud bff.  I am sitting here starving right now and counting down the minutes until I can have a shake. I am taking some fat burners from the nutrition store.  I am not used to anything stronger then coffee recently so I don't like the way I feel.  I know I will get used to it though. Just like when it only took half a scoop of Jack3d before I worked out and then before I knew it, BAM it turned into 3 scoops...I don't even think they are allowed to sell Jack3d anymore LOL!! Anyway, I'm just rollin with it. I can tell it raises my heart rate a bit and it helps me with hunger in the morning which is good. The way I feel is not so good for a couple hours but it's fine. You may catch me grinding my teeth and sweating for no reason the next few days though!!AHHHHHHHH!! HAHA!

   I know this pic is super ugly but my stomach is growling and I have cramps so just getting through this day without a murder charge is the goal.  No time for sprucing it up...

Positives of the week:  A massage that finally fixed my back!!  I have been looking for a person that really did a therapeutic massage for athletes forever!!  Found it!!! It is unbelievable how great I feel!! WIN!!!  It is not a relaxing kind of massage.  It's a get in there get all the junk out sweating and trying not to yell kind of massage.  It was amazing and anyone that really works their body to the max understands what I am talking about.  PURE BLISS!!! ( Cumberland Massage Therapy Center and ask for Dr. Lancaster)
Training is going well and as the volume goes up I am getting excited. GROWING BIGGER MUSCLES!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!! IT"S GO TIME!!!

Negatives:  I started cardio up again.  Booooooo.....but thank God it is nice and warm out!!!  I only had one newbie mess up on diet when I accidentally packed a chicken and rice meal instead of a chicken and broccoli meal.  I looked at the wrong days when packing to go away overnight but no biggie I am moving right along! :)   I am jittery in the AM and starving in the PM.  No worries, I am a big girl so I am gonna suck it up and kick ass.  Time to shine.  :)

Figure out what is on your fitness bucket list and conquer it!!!  Have a great week!!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Eat More.


      So I have been sitting here pondering why I worked my ass off for a couple years but didn't get the results I wanted.  Conclusion:  I obviously didn't eat enough.  Yeah sure the types of workouts have something to do with it, but only eating a couple times a day killed any chance I had for the legs and ass I've always dreamed of.  I am so glad a good trainer finally came into my life and taught me different.

         So for well over 2 years I went to CrossFit day in and day out and heard nothing but Paleo this and Paleo that.  Yeah that is fucking great and all but what about eating it consistently throughout the day?  No one ever seemed to mention that little tidbit.  A bunch of people sure as hell came over and gave me advice on snatches and cleans even though most of them had no business doing so... but NEVER ONE MENTION OF EATING ENOUGH TO FUEL MY BODY FOR RECOVERY AND GROWTH THROUGHOUT THE DAY.  WTF!?! Maybe people think it is common knowledge but it wasn't for me. I always knew to have a protein shake after each workout so I didn't waste it....but I did waste my workouts.  That is because I would drink nothing but coffee in the morning and then go train my ass off and then maybe have a meal by 1 or 2pm. NO FUEL!!!! I would eat meat and almond flour bread in the evening like a savage and never enough greens. ( and pizza and cake or whatever too sometimes...duh)  I would go hours and hours without a meal but expect my muscles to grow and get stronger.  It can't work like that and now I understand why.  I have been on a diet where I eat 6 good quality meals a day along with protein shakes and in the last 12 weeks I have gained 10 pounds of gorgeous lean muscle.  I am stronger then ever and it feels great.

      My point is, I see women go to the box or gym everyday and not get results except for maybe a few PR's here and there.  They work  hard doing hero wods and benchmarks but still look the same.  Please don't waste it.  Eat more.  Way more.  Eat high quality balanced meals every couple hours and your body will change. It needs that fuel to grow beautiful, lean and strong. Buy a meal plan if you have to or do some research.  You already spend money and time on working out you might as well get the results you want. I just wish someone would of told me sooner because I am finally getting to where I want to be.

          Shout out to Deedee and all of Brier Creek CF for sending me some great new tees to rock at my globo gym.  I promise to strut around in there like a sponsored athlete!!!  Don't forget their awesome box will be hosting a garage games in the fall so sign up!!!! It would be a great goal for athletes who aren't quite ready for this years open and any one else that digs competing.  It is a great facility.  You guys rock!!!! Thanks!!!!

Negatives this week:  I ate like DOO DOO getting the last couple days in!!!! My elbow has been bugging me a bit from my old bike accident ( yeah sounds super cool until I tell you it was a bicycle.) I see ortho again tomorrow.

Positives:  I ate like DOO DOO this week.  It was so yummy.  I get my new meal plan on Wednesday ( I still can't spell Wednesday, holy shit) I am ready to lean out and turn up the volume on training!! Time to start setting the alarm an hour earlier!!!  It's gonna be tough but I am ready!!!  Lets GET IT!!

Have a great week and eat lots of good for you meats and green veggies often!!!!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sobriety Birthdays and Training.

               Let's face it without sobriety birthdays I would have nothing.  There is no way I would be comfortable, content and happy in my own skin.   I surely wouldn't have a great marriage to my best friend.  I wouldn't be able to take care of my daughter.  There is no way in hell I would of been able to take care of my dad with Alzheimer's all while training for a team going to the CrossFit games.  In fact, I would most likely be in prison or dead. NO joke.  So as this time of year rolls around once again, I am counting my many sobriety blessing and thanking the Lord for all I have.  It's incredible how much a person can change when they really want it.

       The best way I know how to wrap my head around my disease is to imagine it being almost like a cancer.  Left untreated it will surely kill me, but with treatment eventually I am in remission and although I will never be cured, because I will always be an alcoholic, I can get pretty darn close the longer I go without a drink. At first when I stopped I was violently ill and had to go to the hospital. Then I had to leave my family for weeks and head to Mayberry( ya no shit my rehab was in Mayberry LOL). I went more then once.... It's a process and at first and you are so fragile and immature it's hard to even function doing daily tasks.  Then as time passes you start healing and caring for others again.  I've done the 12 steps and I've had sponsors, in fact I'm sure I did step one a thousand times and 2,3,and 4 quite a few too. HAHA!! I believe in the Big Book and still read it very often.  No matter where you are in you recovery that thing knows you way better then you will ever know yourself and it helps me tremendously by keeping this ego of mine in check. I guess my daily path is a little different then most others. Some people make their AA meetings everyday or some head to their church groups,  I almost feel like the gym/box is my meeting and that barbell is my sponsor and it feeds that hunger and makes me happy.  It relieves my stress and makes me want to be better and help others meet their goals too.  It's turned into something more then just looking good for me for sure.  So whatever it is you do remember it only works if you work it ;)  No doubt. ;)

      Ok so I think I am finally ready for my diet and workouts to change. I have been eating up everything in sight and laying off cardio so I crave it now.  I am up for a challenge and excited to see what my body is going to turn into starting next week. I am sure I will be eating these words and kicking myself when I am hungry, tired and craving chocolate and pizza wanting nothing but to get off that treadmill and rower... Blaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggggggghhhhh.....  Anyway, time for a progress pic :


                     I know, I know incredibly inappropriate and hot....right up my alley. DUH

Negatives of the week:  After that funky stomach bug I was still struggling at training until about Wednesday or so.  Also it just took me like four times to spell Wednesday even with spell check.  Holy fuck.

Positives of the week:  After I felt better it was GAME ON.   I killed it at the gym and got to work out with my buddy Amber nearly everyday in the warm and cushy globo!! It was great.  One evening we did a good WOD at CF with heavy farmers carry and burpees. I had a great time.  FYI:  I am the farmers carry queen. It must be my giant man hands.   I ate Phish Food and Mellow Mushroom so I was LIVIN IT UP this weekend!!! Whoooooohooooooo!!!!  Happy birthday to me!!! ;)

Have a great week and count your blessings!!!