Sunday, May 26, 2013

DO IT!!!


            All I can say is if you have been thinking about training for something, DO IT!!  I mean, you totally can.  A 5K, mud run, marathon, climbing a mountain, qualifying for the CrossFit games, a freakin Ironman, whatever it is you totally should.  You probably already do way harder stuff every day then training for whatever competition is in the back of your mind anyway. I mean anyone can be a mom, spouse, or employee but it's fucking way hard and exhausting to be a rock star at them.  I'm sure most of you have
committed to being great at one or more of those things already so training for a competition would be a cake walk for you.  I see you fighting for our freedom, carrying baby buckets everywhere, volunteering, holding down the fort while husbands are deployed and you are worried sick, I see you successfully running businesses and/ or your households, even being caretakers to your children and parents at the same time. Conquering a marathon got nothin on that!   You do some inspiring shit on the daily so just pony up for that thing you've always dreamed about...we all have one.  JUST GO FOR IT!!

       I have two weeks left before I'm even on that stage and it has already been a incredible experience.  The only thing I would've regretted is not going for it.  Beautiful big muscles aside, I have accomplished so much more on the inside from this.  I am beaming with pride because I chose something and for weeks and weeks I stuck with it no matter what.  A grueling diet and training schedule, posing that scared the shit out of me, a hurting sore body, and damn routines, all while starving and keeping up with my regular responsibilities.
The confidence I have gained from this is incredible.  The discipline and responsibility I've shown has trickled down into other portions of my life and I am way better for it.  I know I can do whatever the hell I put my mind too and that my friends is PRICELESS.  If I come in first or last, it doesn't matter because I literally feel like I can conquer the world. Goals are awesome, reaching them makes you feel even more awesome, so please go after yours.  You WILL NOT regret it. 

Negatives of the week:  I'm getting tired but it's ok....I'm in the home stretch.  My husband is beyond freaked out by my man muscles.  It's pretty funny.  The freakishness is short lived and almost over though so it's all good. :)

Positives:  I'm doing nothing but sleeping, training and eating at this point.  I'm mentally preparing for it to get really tough in these final days.  I know "The Call" is coming and things are about to get real tight.  I'm excited to see what happens to my body in this final stretch.  It's going to be hard but worth it.  Countdown to candy and the beach:  12 DAYS AND A WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great week.  If you have time for Facebook you have time to train for your goal! ;) Good luck!!!

PS:  I am going to start recruiting for next year.... I want as many girls as possible training with me at The Fit Factory!!  The more the merrier!!  IT IS SO MUCH FUN!!!! :)  

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Addict In Me.


      The addict in me is already worried about my next fix.  I am crazy.  Researching nutrition and other things to help me reach new goals.  My first competition is in 20 days and I already can't wait to start training for the next round.   I hope to get stronger over the next few months on a caveman diet.  From what I have been reading though it would be beneficial for me to keep something like oats at least in the mornings for training purposes. I think that may be crucial in getting some proper carbs to grow some more legs. Otherwise I could probably just get away with root veggies and dense greens instead of things like rice.  I would obviously keep my yummy protein powders but may look for something more natural.  I will not rid myself of peanut butter.  It's not paleo but I don't care.  The Fit Factory is certainly in my future plans and a CrossFit gym.  I know I will probably want to WOD a time or two a week because I really do enjoy it too.

         I am worried about my training buddy moving. She wants me not to talk about it but my addict behavior is taking over.  I am more then worried, I am obsessing. Thelma and Louise!!!!   I don't like this one bit.  I mean day in and day out we sweat together and give it our all for hours on end.  It's our passion and sanity.  It's going to be a tough change.  I know God has a plan and we will survive moving onto the next chapter but I do not have to like it.   I will be accepting applications for someone to train with, however you must be a beautiful blonde angel beast sent directly from heaven to me, who never has any excuses and trains like she gets millions of dollars just to work out. You have get to the gym no matter what your gigantic family throws your way. You must leave it all on the floor everyday and also keep me in line. You must be a tad overly sensitive to make up for my insensitivity.  I can be paranoid and rude for the both of us. Minimum requirements of skills are OHS your body weight for 5, back squat it for 20, strict pull ups for sure and be able to bat your eyelashes at 100 rep sets of everything else.....  Holy shit, I am going to miss our work outs my friend. I'm totally kidding about applications.... we all know you can never be replaced.  While these other girls sit on the JV bench we work our asses off.  We will have to Skype or Facetime some gym time!!   I am already planning a trip to Washington so we can shop for my other addiction....SPEED SHORTS!! Canadian prints baby!!  ;)  Thank you for doing all this craziness with me. It wouldn't have been the same without you.  I am sad but excited for our futures.  June 8th will be so bitter sweet.  This really has been a ride of a lifetime and we are so blessed. Oh and Amber, YES I WILL EVEN MISS THOSE DAMN KIDS!!!! ;)

           I am excited and relaxed about competition.  It's nothing to stress over, again, this is a hobby and should be fun.  Especially now that my body has gone above and beyond my wildest expectations.  I can't believe that washboard is mine!!  So cool!!! In fact I am so lean I got hooked up with unlimited greens and other treats!! ( I bet I just jinxed myself LOL)  I feel great and I can't wait!!   I am looking beyond WIERD now. It's cool but even if it was possible to keep this up I wouldn't. I caught my husband grabbing my shoulders the other day with a WTF look on his face!!  PRICELESS!!! Now three or four weeks ago, that would be a different story because it would be great to look like that all the time but this is crazy!!   It's tooooo much and people stare and even run into displays at Walmart when they see me. I can't go into Food Lion without a bunch of ridiculous comments.  It is awesome and I can't wait to walk through Target tomorrow with Amber. People will be tripping and whispering around every that's entertainment. <3 it!

Negatives of the week:  I may need a new 12 step program for powdered peanut butter...... NOTHING IN MODERATION!!!.... ADDICT!!!!   Or maybe I can just head over to AA and add peanut butter in after i introduce myself as an alcoholic I'm sure friends of Bill wouldn't mind. They've heard it all.  Monday and Tuesday I was in a shit mood.  IT WAS SOOOOOOOO BAD!!!  I assume it's because I was slammed and missed some Fit Factory time. I was also very, very tired and my back was hurting. I just felt drained. I literally had to put myself in timeout Tuesday morning instead of going to the gym.

Positives:  I got all fixed, had a therapeutic massage, adjustment, and got a couple ribs put back in place. Only missed 2 days of lifting to rest my back but did legs and cardio to fill the void. Feelin like a million bucks now especially after all the extra calories and green goodness!!!!! Ahead of schedule and HAPPY!!!!  20 DAYS TILL THE BEACH AND CANDY!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Some Reflections On This Journey and A Happy Mother's Day.


     I used to give my dad a Mother's Day Card every year.  I knew it meant so much to him.  For most of my life it was just me and him and he was my mom, my dad,  my best friend and always my biggest fan.  Even as life changed throughout the years we always stayed so incredibly close.  When I moved to NC so did he.  We had it like that.  Always there for each other no matter what.  He was that constant I had in my life that was so very comforting. I wish I could hear him tell me how beautiful I am or give me a hug like he did every single day.  I want to hear him laugh so bad I would give anything.  I  miss him terribly.  That brings us to how this all started...

     Right before my dad got sick I was already unsatisfied with my training and eating habits. I was just stagnant.   I knew I wanted a change.  By the time he was in the hospital I was eating like shit everyday and rarely getting to any gym at all.  When he passed, I had two choices to make, 1: take all my new found free time and feel sorry for myself or 2: pick something to conquer and make him proud.  I chose the latter... Thank God because between him and then all my close friends moving ( Thanks Army- The Voice) I could of ended up in a bad way.  Instead, I had this training and diet to focus on and I am so thankful. I threw myself right into the deep end.   It has helped me tremendously on so many levels. I am really enjoying it and I feel better about myself then I ever have.  Plus Thelma and Louise are in full effect for one last go around on NC turf! ;)

       I had no idea I would make it as far as I have.  I remember my first blog post and I said to myself " Oh fuck, I better pray I can even make enough progress to get on that stage at all."  I can get on that stage and be proud.  For years I found myself comparing my body to others.  Something of mine was never good enough.   Recently that has all changed.  I had an "Aha" moment while practicing posing on stage.  I realize that there will always be a girl with bigger more defined muscles, less body fat or a have a heavier clean and jerk or a faster Fran. That white board or that girls big blingged out round ass doesn't define how I should feel about myself.  When I was on stage all alone posing in front of people I realized none of that mattered.  It didn't matter because it's not about them.  It's about me being the best I can be at what I am doing at that moment. SO I FEEL GREAT!!  I LOVED being up there posing in front of everyone,  little legs and all because they have come so far!!  I felt confident and I was smiling ear to ear!!  It was fun and that is what it is all about!!  So looking back I have learned that my progress and having a good time is all that matters. I set out to do something and I am well on my way.  Some little stupid cheap ass trophy isn't why I am doing this.  I am doing it for the journey ( and of course the profile pictures DUH.).  I can't wait to be up on stage all brown and weird with my girls!! :)

      Look we aren't perfect.  I eat way to much powdered peanut butter and jello. I still have delicious almond milk.  I didn't do enough cardio yesterday.  I'm not down on myself about it.  It's ok. I work my ass off.  This is all a hobby and it should be fun not torture.  If powdered peanut butter makes it not torture, so be it.  I am reaching my goals,  growing and making wonderful progress...soooooo chalk up a WIN!!

Negatives of the week:  THE MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF POWDERED PEANUT BUTTER I HAVE CONSUMED.  I wanted to put that in the positives but I probably shouldn't. I guess it didn't help matters that my monthly visitor is here.  You would think a reward for training this hard and not eating that much would be no period, but NOPE.  Anyway, 4: 45 am comes early but in a weird way I like it.  It makes me feel super accomplished and focused to be knocking out a training session before the rest of the world even thinks about starting their day.

Positives:  All my training was great.  Working out to look MY best is FANTASTIC! It feels right( for now anyway, you never know what I will do next).  I slept in till 6 today and my husband gave me a massage.  This last posing clinic was incredibly insightful.  I just want June 8th to get here!! I can't wait to get back to Paleo. Packing and preparing has become easy and fast.  Going caveman again will be very enjoyable.   All the messages I have been getting from here to Afghanistan are awesome.  I am so happy I have inspired others to go after it.  I hope it makes them as I happy as it does me.  :)

Happy Mother's Day, keep your priorities straight, don't forget what YOUR goals are and have a great week!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Big Reveal!!!

All right now here we go!!!!!                       Dec. 7th, 2012

                                                              May 5th, 2013           


DRUM ROLL........

THERE IT IS!!!!! My song choice for my routine!!!!  Then just when you thought I couldn't get any more magnificent......BAM!!!!!!!!!!! :



    I know, I know, it's hard to take in all this awesomeness at once!!  You totally thought I was gonna make you wait!!!  You all have hung in there for so many weeks it was time to unleash a bit of my masterpieces!!  You are gonna have to wait to see the actual routine though, which btw, IS HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!! I'm not sporting this ridiculous gear until I'm all painted brown either.  DUH. WOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!  I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

Negatives of the week:  Cardio.  Also mountain climbers. Those things blow after a few minutes tick by. I also pee my pants after a few consecutive minutes of jump roping which isn't the nicest feeling.  Some of my yummy extras like almond milk and my apple were taken away this week.  Boo but yay at the same time cause I am ready to get this show on the road!!  This thing would be so much more simple if only lifting was involved!!!

Positives:  Everything else!! My family and friends are so supportive and I am incredibly blessed!!! Looking forward to a posing clinic this weekend that I am actually ready for! Countdown to candy and my favorite beach in the whole world... 33 days!!! :)

I know I am really showing my age with the song choice, good thing I don't care!!  Get it, Push It, bling it and have a great week!!!!!