Sunday, December 16, 2012

Week three begins.

   I was lucky enough to get to train four days this week with my trainer.  It is usually 2-3 times. One of those days I got to train with my buddy so I was extra happy. I got to hit up every body part at J's so I was really sore but in all the right places.  I worked my ass on.  I can finally touch my hamstrings just in time for leg day tomorrow. It was a great week and I feel very accomplished.  Got in all my cardio plus a 5k. Food is still the issue with me so tonight I cooked in advance for many days and packaged it up into servings. I don't want to miss any more meals or shakes because I can already tell I am gaining some muscle. If you stand far enough away and squint my butt may even look bigger.  I am going to carry extra food with me just in case my day doesn't go as planned ( which is almost always). I am looking forward to a busy productive week leading up to Jesus's Bday and will save my cheats till then....BECAUSE IT IS GOING TO BE A DELICIOUS DISASTER and I already can't wait.

  Some positives this week: TRAINING FUCKING ROCKED!! I killed it. No doubt. I learned a bunch of new stuff including these crazy ass back squats and dead lifts using different feet positions. I nearly cried. I couldn't wait to rest today and that is always a good sign. I am getting more familiar with the globo gym and feel just a little less awkward now.  I met a lot of my new team members and they were super helpful and nice.

  Negatives: I now do not see Amber as much as I would like but I have a feeling that after the Holidays we may have the opportunity to train together a little more.

   Above is a picture of me and my buddy a year or two ago. This was a "Murph" that we struggled through. I will never forget it.  This pic reminds me of what CrossFit is all about.  It's not the best picture of all time but it means the world to me. It is hard to find a training partner that clicks with you perfectly. When you find it you will know. It's like magic.  When you train with someone like that day in and day out you are no longer a individual.  You are most definitely a team, even if that board says differently. So even when goals change you are still there to support one another no matter what and that makes for one hell of a friendship.  I really lucked out.

   Anyway, since my training is so much different now, my mindset is changing. I had to switch from getting the most work done possible in the shortest amount of time to training for looks and keeping my form impeccable . Oh ya and the whole "bacon is a cheat meal" thing is DEVASTING but with the help of my higher power I am working through it...

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