Sunday, June 23, 2013

Total Mind F*ck!


     Ok so I wasn't going to post anymore( except my routine which is not cooperating...ugh) but the days right after this comp were crazy and I would be selling myself short if I didn't document a bit about them.  After dieting way down, rarely taking in sodium, and then finally dehydrating my massive self down into a weight in the 130's, my body was nearly in shock after stuffing it full of crap food right after.  I actually woke up with a swollen face and eyes for a few days from all the salt.  I could tell by the way I felt I was storing every little calorie I shoved in.  I STILL AM LOL!!!  I was so sluggish and I didn't even feel like me.  I am still a swollen mess!!! It's ok though.  I had a blast and it made vacation at the beach way awesome.  I mean after all that I went through, I deserved to let loose and believe me.... the flood gates opened with a vengeance and for 5 days I drove my diet right off the cliff:

      No one warns you that hey, after you compete you will gain about 15 lbs in 48 hours.  I mean you can tell me it is mostly water weight all you want but it doesn't mean it won't fuck with my mind anyways.  Think about that for a takes people years to gain that much weight and boom!.... I woke up that much heavier in 2 days.  I was 151 lbs in three.   Luckily I am a pretty confident person and I am right enough in the mind to keep telling myself that the weight gain is healthy and I need it to reach the goals I have for next season.  Still, it totally messed with me and I had to keep repeating to myself over and over that it was ok.  So just a warning, something like this is not for doubt.  If you decide to do it, come armed with a clean bill of health and a ego big enough to handle some major body image issues. Now that I have done it and gone through all the changes, I can't wait to spend the off season making globo GAINZ and going for it again!!! Competing and watching your body change so dramatically is a blast!!!  Gettin tubby growing legzzzzz!!! :) wooooohooooo!!!!!

    Sooooo, I have been on a paleo style diet plus my natural PB, steel cut oats and protein powder since getting back from vacation. I eat every three hours.  I feel great.  I have been shoveling in carbs after working out like a boss.  I MEAN SHOVELING!!!  One of my leg days per week is only 3 rep sets.....GROWING!! Then another leg day with higher reps super sets out the ass. I still have my other isolated days of around 25 rep super sets ending with a 100 rep set. I am starting back at CrossFit at least twice a week when my kid gets back from nationals.  I cut my cardio way back which is making me pack on some fat but I am ok with that.  Greg came with me for legs the other day and didn't even make it halfway through without having to stop and try not to puke. Conditioning is crucial with the way I roll ....THANK YOU CF FOR THAT!!!  I was killin it!!


I can't wait to do it all over again!!  Thanks for everything the past few months!  I will get back at ya soon with some epic progress!! :)


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It Came, It Went, I CONQUERED!

      I can't believe it's over.  Those last few days were full of surprises that I can probably never fully explain.  A ton of tanning, sauna, and Sweet Sweat covered cardio. You'd think I was hunkered down starving and lifting, meanwhile right before competition I was full of waffles and pie filling with a side of salted Gatorade.  It was crazy awesome and I enjoyed every bedazzled, thirsty, and exhausted Reese's cup eating minute of it.  



        When I checked in Friday night I was thrilled to see that there was only one class of physique girls instead of short and tall classes.   You see this meant that my little dream was going to come true of being on stage at the same time as my Amber, and I couldn't of been happier about that.  We stayed up all night shoveling down sugar and carbs and finishing up our tans.  Make up was at 5:15, waffles were at 6am and check in was by 8 at the convention center.  The morning show was the posing portion.  I went out with the first group of girls and Amber with the second.  When we all lined up and they started first call out my dream of just being on stage at the same time blew up into something I couldn't have ever dreamed up myself.... THEY CALLED ME OUT THIRD AND AMBER OUT FOURTH!!!! SO THERE WE WERE SIDE BY SIDE JUST THE WAY IT SHOULD BE!!!!!!!! Just like it was day in and day out the past 3 years.  

         Pose after pose and minute after minute ticked by AND THERE WE WERE BRIGHT AS EVER full of love, trying not to start crying because we were so happy to be next to one another.  God and Norm were shining down on us that morning.  It couldn't have been more perfect and I was, right then, the happiest girl in the world.  No doubt. 


          It was a long exhausting wait to the night show.  It went great though.  We all killed our routines and looked God damn gorgeous. We stunk to high heaven and our tans were turning green.  My girls brought home some pretty impressive hardware and I was glowing with pride.  We finally finished around midnight.  Whew! 

       Honestly this experience was way more fun then I ever thought it would be.  I wasn't stressed at the show and being up on stage was fun as hell.  It was all just weird and crazy enough to make me do it all over again!!!  The people watching back stage was beyond stellar and I was entertained to the max! Orange crazy people everywhere!!!! It was awesome!!!!  

         Staying at the beach to relax after all this was definitely the right call.  I've manage to rest and eat everything fried and chocolate covered from Southport to the end of Oak Island.  I've already gained quite a few pounds and I'm ready to head back home and begin OPERATION GROW SOME LEGS AND ASS!!! Woooohoooooo!!!!!!!     

Positives:  A awesome photo shoot and everything competition!!  A great vacation with my man and FOOD FOOD FOOD EPICNESS!!!!!!  

Negatives: Amber left for Washington state.  I'm so sad.  

       If you've been thinking about something, stop thinking and please just do it.  I'm so glad I did.  I have been thinking about my dad a ton this past week.  I think it's because I know he would be super proud of me.  Thanks for reading my blog.  Thanks for all the kind words and messages of support and encouragement.   I hope to post my routine when I get back home.  Have a great week and get after it!!!! 


Sunday, June 9, 2013

We made it!!!

     This experience was way more amazing then I ever could have imagined ( and weird and crazy but super fun).  We had a blast!!  I wanna thank everyone for the overwhelming outpouring of support.  You guys fucking rock!!!  I'm staying at the beach for a few to eat, eat, eat and relax.  I know I usually post on Sundays but competition went past midnight and Friday I didn't sleep sooooo I need some time to gather my thoughts and go through some pics.   I haven't even watched my own routine yet!! 

These girls really killed it and definitely helped make this competition one of the most awesome things I've ever done.  I will remember being on that stage with them forever! :)  Good, good stuff!!!

Thanks again, have a great few days, and pass the puke bucket....I may need it!!! ;) 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

So Close!!!

  I can't believe it is 5 days away!!!  What a cool experience full of twists and turns, big surprises, and even a few little setbacks that I had to plow through. It's Sunday morning at 6am and I'm in my living room bundled up in sweats, covered in Sweet Sweat, stepping away.  I can't believe how far I've come!! I can't believe how far my friends Amber and Anne have come!!  I cant believe how much I've learned!! It's incredible to me how much our bodies can change in only a few weeks.   Its getting tough though....Between the driving, the workouts, sauna, tanning, food prep, and posing its all taking up so much of my day and I can't wait till Saturday!!!!  Time to mentally prepare to be thirsty....very, very, very thirsty and CRANKIER then ever!!

    Looking forward to a great day today full of water, mountain climbers and a photo shoot that my friends and I set up at the Fit Factory.  I know it's gonna be fun.  PROFILE PICS GALORE BABY!!!  Im also looking forward to a few days of rest at the beach with my husband as soon as the comp is over.  He works so much and I go to bed so early now that we don't get to hang, so I am excited.  Kid at at grandmas house.... Wooohooooo!!!  ( I just heard Barry White singing in my head while I wrote that! Haha).  

Negatives of the week:  it's a little hard to stay focused but that's ok. I'm incredibly forgetful. I'm even getting tired of working out so you know it's a lot....LOL!  Only a couple more extremely busy days left.  The fact that Amber is leaving after our show is like a giant black funeral cloud hanging over us.  Trying to stay positive and not cry during training sessions is becoming increasing more difficult.  BLAAAAAAAAAAAAARGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!! I HATE IT!!!

Positives: Training and posing is going good. My coach is so energetic, positive and supportive, so, he just radiates excitement and its contagious and awesome.  I am beyond pleased with myself, especially for a first show!!  The sauna isn't as bad as I thought however I'm not dehydrated yet so I am sure I will be on suicide watch by Wednesday. Yay.  My kid is all registered for Youth USAW Nationals for Olympic weightlifting. It's all the way in Kansas or some shit.   She goes on the 25 th of this month and we get to visit with our besties while out that way.   We are both super excited for that. In fact those plans are helping to keep me sane.  Emma is trying to start her own blog about her training so look for that soon.  It should be pretty cool.