Sunday, April 28, 2013

I Knew It Would Pass!

     Whew!  Thank God this week was WAY better then last.  I felt really good.   I wasn't starving and obsessing.  My cardio has even been bumped up 15 more minutes a day and I still felt fantastic.  I guess I am in an awesome peak after being deep down in the valley. That's okay.  It's good to struggle sometimes.  The grumpiness and everything has seemed to pass, for now at least! YAY!!!:)


  I am absolutely killing it when I work out and my body has continued to change.  I even scared myself at the globo when I caught a glimpse of me in a mirror.  It's getting pretty weird now with all the muscles on top of muscles and  giant veins popping out EVERYWHERE.  I feel so tiny and skinny at home and then when I work out super hard I I feel like The Thing from The Fantastic Four.
 HAHA!!!! It's crazy, it's weird but it's pretty fun stuff.  Time is ticking away so fast now. Competition will be here in a blink.  I can't wait.  Changing like this even if it's just for a few weeks is so cool.  Talk about taking your body to the extreme.  AWESOME!!!

   So I witnessed something that absolutely warmed my heart when I was leaving CrossFit one morning.  A new girl came in with her very new baby.   I could tell she had some CF experience by the way she rocked those booty shorts and knee socks.  The workout had 400m sprints with rest in between.  Her baby is so new that feeding time is probably still nearly constant.  That didn't stop her from showing up to class and trying her best no matter what. She would run out for a sprint come back in and pick up her crying baby and go off  to the side to breast feed during her rest on the clock!!!!  When it was time to go she went and came right back in and did it again!!   It was FUCKING EPIC!!!  NOOOOOOOOOO EXCUSES PEOPLE!!!!  She reminded me of when I used to throw my Emma in a seat on the back of my  bike and go for miles and miles with nothing but an extra bottle and a diaper tucked in next to her.  I LOVE IT!!!!!

Negatives of the week:  More cardio duh.  It's not bad only 45 minutes all together but hey, it's cardio BLAH.

Positives:  SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!  Our photo shoot is all booked. My routine is lookin good.  I had a total rest day Saturday with my friends and we got massages and coffee talk time. We also have been able to meet up more then ever to train together and that is always a plus! :)  Today I saw some wonderful people at WOD In The Park and it was very nice. I love things that encourage the whole community to come out and get active with their kids. It's so important. Biggest positive is I'm not hungry this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a ton of energy, maybe too much....Thanks Synedrex- The Voice.

PS: Powdered peanut butter is the shit!!!! YUM!!!!!!


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