Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It Came, It Went, I CONQUERED!

      I can't believe it's over.  Those last few days were full of surprises that I can probably never fully explain.  A ton of tanning, sauna, and Sweet Sweat covered cardio. You'd think I was hunkered down starving and lifting, meanwhile right before competition I was full of waffles and pie filling with a side of salted Gatorade.  It was crazy awesome and I enjoyed every bedazzled, thirsty, and exhausted Reese's cup eating minute of it.  



        When I checked in Friday night I was thrilled to see that there was only one class of physique girls instead of short and tall classes.   You see this meant that my little dream was going to come true of being on stage at the same time as my Amber, and I couldn't of been happier about that.  We stayed up all night shoveling down sugar and carbs and finishing up our tans.  Make up was at 5:15, waffles were at 6am and check in was by 8 at the convention center.  The morning show was the posing portion.  I went out with the first group of girls and Amber with the second.  When we all lined up and they started first call out my dream of just being on stage at the same time blew up into something I couldn't have ever dreamed up myself.... THEY CALLED ME OUT THIRD AND AMBER OUT FOURTH!!!! SO THERE WE WERE SIDE BY SIDE JUST THE WAY IT SHOULD BE!!!!!!!! Just like it was day in and day out the past 3 years.  

         Pose after pose and minute after minute ticked by AND THERE WE WERE BRIGHT AS EVER full of love, trying not to start crying because we were so happy to be next to one another.  God and Norm were shining down on us that morning.  It couldn't have been more perfect and I was, right then, the happiest girl in the world.  No doubt. 


          It was a long exhausting wait to the night show.  It went great though.  We all killed our routines and looked God damn gorgeous. We stunk to high heaven and our tans were turning green.  My girls brought home some pretty impressive hardware and I was glowing with pride.  We finally finished around midnight.  Whew! 

       Honestly this experience was way more fun then I ever thought it would be.  I wasn't stressed at the show and being up on stage was fun as hell.  It was all just weird and crazy enough to make me do it all over again!!!  The people watching back stage was beyond stellar and I was entertained to the max! Orange crazy people everywhere!!!! It was awesome!!!!  

         Staying at the beach to relax after all this was definitely the right call.  I've manage to rest and eat everything fried and chocolate covered from Southport to the end of Oak Island.  I've already gained quite a few pounds and I'm ready to head back home and begin OPERATION GROW SOME LEGS AND ASS!!! Woooohoooooo!!!!!!!     

Positives:  A awesome photo shoot and everything competition!!  A great vacation with my man and FOOD FOOD FOOD EPICNESS!!!!!!  

Negatives: Amber left for Washington state.  I'm so sad.  

       If you've been thinking about something, stop thinking and please just do it.  I'm so glad I did.  I have been thinking about my dad a ton this past week.  I think it's because I know he would be super proud of me.  Thanks for reading my blog.  Thanks for all the kind words and messages of support and encouragement.   I hope to post my routine when I get back home.  Have a great week and get after it!!!! 



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  2. You inspire this old gal...(to just get it done)! You're amazing! What an inspiration to many... to all (to me). Congratulations to "AWESOME you!" Deb B <3