Sunday, January 20, 2013

Posing Clinic...Whew...


                Thank God I got through this posing clinic without falling on my face or something.  I learned a few things but have much work to do.  I am so glad I have until June but I know it will go fast.  The girls in my group were very nice.  I had to break off with the bodybuilding girls because there was only one other physique competitor in the house.  The main difference is they have a few extra poses and they do everything with a closed fist.  My hands will be open while posing.  It was a a very different but overall very good experience. That gym really is awesome.  

           Ok so on some days cardio is getting a little easier. Especially when it is nice out. That is huge progress for me. I would always rather just lift.  Lifting comes a lot easier to me and I enjoy it much more.  I better learn to fall in love with cardio though before it gets closer to the show and I am doing it for 90 minutes a day.  Oh God, that just sounds terrible.  Think about that for a minute....on top of training and constant eating, 90 fucking minutes. Just gotta start getting mentally prepared to buckle down now because that is just a ton of work.  Yesterday I just went to the clinic and didn't train but today was still a struggle to get out and just run.  I just didn't want to so I knew I had to.  There are days like that but more often then not I want to train so thank God for that. Today was just one of those blah days.  Stop tie your shoe.  Stop fix music.  I even tried to talk myself into not running anymore because it gives me heartburn.  It couldn't of possibly been the two sweet potatoes stuffed with paleo hot sausage and blueberries that I shoved down my throat 30 minutes prior. Whatever.

Positives of the week:  The clinic.  Also running into Amber a lot and even getting in a great back day at World's with her.  I struggled to not take a nap a few days after lifting so that was on point.  I plan to hit it harder and heavier this week after being inspired a bit on Saturday...I felt pretty tiny comparatively and I wanna get bigger. :)

Negatives:  This really has nothing to do with training but it sticks out in my mind so here goes... I miss my dad and a day or two this week was difficult.  I am sure it was because I finished cleaning out a few remaining boxes of his things that I had stashed in my spare bedroom.   It just felt so final. Those were the last ones.  I would give just about anything to be able to walk into his room and see his beautiful smile and hear his contagious laugh.  He was always so pleasant and just being around him for a few minutes could brighten your day.  I love ya Norm :)
                                                  Dad dancing at the nursing home 2012 :)

Have a great week.  GET AFTER IT, no matter what your it is.

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