Sunday, January 27, 2013

Incorporating A Bit Of CrossFit...It's A Good Thing.


                          Don't get me wrong....I still love a bunch of things CrossFit.  On a weekly basis I try to incorporate some of it into my workouts because I don't want to look like I am going to sink to the bottom of the pool like a ton of bricks...I want to look athletic.  This week I managed some man makers and a sit up WOD on back day.  Heavy overhead squats on one of my leg days and a super long chipper one day ( with rest in between each ten reps...NOT GONNA BURN UP MY NEWLY FOUND ASS CHEEKS) that consisted of KB swings, box jumps, wall balls and toe to bars. I kept it pretty light and it felt fantastic. I actually craved wall balls and 100 of them were welcomed. :)  I don't do kipping pull ups anymore and I stay away from super heavy snatches and clean and jerks. Kipping pull ups were turning into a injury waiting to happen for me and they weren't making me stronger. I go strict now and do less.  The snatches and cleans... well, I don't stay away from these lifts all together, but I truly believe that you need to practice properly and keep up with them on a regular basis to go heavy and I just can't do that right now. So less then 115#  it is.

        I love that my trainer is old school. J's Fit Factory is a great place. We use mostly dumbbells and barbells.  A lot of the work I put in is 30 seconds of one movement then right into 30 seconds of another movement ( sometimes another movement or two just depends) and then a minutes rest. I also do a bunch of super sets. This all really appeals to me because of CrossFit.  I like this so much more though because I see such better results with my body.  Having a day devoted to each body part has really made a difference in my muscle definition.  I was really in a rut doing only CF and I felt discouraged working out so hard everyday and not getting the results I really wanted. Also my body felt wrecked much of the time. Now my muscles get time to heal and grow and I am not burning them up with super long metcon like work or flapping around on a pull up bar until my shoulders won't move for days. Also the globo gym is full of meat head douches doing quarter squats and it is super entertaining. Some of the things I see in there....HYSTERICAL.   It really is working out to be the best of both worlds and I am loving it.  I feel stronger and healthier then ever.

 Negatives of the week:  My Buttercup ( AKA Natalie BFF we grew up together) moved to fucking Kansas.  Bummer. My heart hurts. I do think it helped me train like a fucking rock star though because I was trying not to think about it.  I fear my head still may be in the sand on that one  Blaaaaaarggggggghhhhhhh....
Positives:  I am on a roll.  I am not missing workouts.  I am eating what I should and then some.  Enjoying the lenient diet while I have it and my pizza and garlic knots were delicious yesterday.  Believe it or not I am even getting hungry in between meals which there are six of them a day so that is an awesome sign.  :)    

Make it a great week :)

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