Sunday, January 6, 2013

Wrapping up the 1st week of the new year...

    So this week was a good week of training. My trainer is awesome as always and I had a couple killer days at globo.  I did miss a little cardio and a leg day ( I do 2 leg days a week now) but had a blast on my road trip to D.C.  I had some cheats while away ... STREET FOOD BITCHES AND A HALF A CINNABON... but ate clean the rest of the week so it worked out ok. I packed my super fancy Christmas present cooler and even though I didn't eat quite enough over our 800 mile in 36 hour journey I did pretty good. I packed some shakes too.  I am proud I didn't run it right off the diet cliff because I am infamous for DOING NOTHING IN MODERATION so SCORE!  Nothing like a good cheat on a corner in our nations capital...

Negatives of the week:  Missed a leg day...I DO NOT NEED TO DO THAT SHIT AGAIN....We all know my no ass at all issue going on.

Positives:  Everything else!!! I had a great birthday I got a Bulldog and went to D.C with the BFF!! Oh ya and my husband is super awesome and supportive as always!!

Hope everyone is doing great on those resolutions of exercise, paleo challenges or whatever.  I saw a bunch of people all bundled up and out running or biking on Tuesday in my neighborhood and haven't seen them since...HAHA!  Make it a good week!! Get it !!

A firm decision to do or not do something
Synonyms: Decision- Determination - Resolve- Solution

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