Sunday, February 17, 2013

CrossFit Shoes And Globo Posing...


        So a couple years ago when I was overly intoxicated on the CrossFit kool aid I had to have the "it" shoes of the moment...Duh.  At that moment it happened to be the now old school plain black Inov-8.  I just couldn't do the blue...ewww, had to wait for the black.  Anyways, I hated them after I got them.  I wore them a few times for WODS trying to convince myself but, no.  The balls of my feet would hurt from jumping off of high pull up bars or hundreds of box jumps.  I felt like my feet slid around and I needed my big girl weightlifting shoes but we all know you can't wear those for everything no matter how much we try.  They just weren't working for me so I went back to my old trusty combo of Nike Free Runs and Do-wins.  The Inov-8's have collected dust in my closet ever since.  Until one day recently I spotted them in my closet before leg day....

      I know some hardcore 2pood, Rock Tape, Rogue, Inov-8 covered freaks may not like this but THEY ARE THE PERFECT SHOES FOR GLOBO!!!! OMG!!!  They are light weight, with a super flat thin sole and just stable enough for leg day in there. Weightlifting shoes seem to be to much and runners are obviously shit for leg day (unless you are doing quarter squats then hey, wear whatever, it doesn't matter cause you blow) so these Inov-8 shoes are JUST PERFECT for any day!!   They are great for things like super sets of lunges and squats and really anything else in there. Then on the days I  WOD at globo or take it to the box they work ok for that too, I guess because my WODS aren't quite what they used to be. They are much more structured and more isolated to certain muscle groups on certain days with a lot of strict movements. The only thing I don't wear these shoes for now is just running days or if I want to match my outfit with cute shoes duh.  I am over the fucking moon about this. I plan on spreading the word every where I go. It's like hell just froze over HAHA!! CrossFit shoes all over the globo....It's awesome!!!! GET IT!!  

Positives of the week:  There was another posing clinic and it was great.  After getting the first one out of the way I feel better and a bit more confident.  I know I have a ways to go but feel on track.


I did zero cardio this week.  Awesome.  I feel like I am holding out for show prep which is quickly approaching.

Negatives: My hubs had a little health scare but everything is turning out ok on that front.  A couple days this week I was a mess but don't worry he is fine. THANK GOD!! Whew!! Training wise I can't really think of any. I am beginning to realize prep is coming soon though.  It's going to be a much bigger work load with much more cardio and a super strict diet.  I am trying to mentally prepare.  I know as far as training, diet and exercise goes that this will be the toughest thing I have ever done and will take more discipline then I have ever known. I am glad a couple fine gals have decided to join me on this adventure.  The more the merrier :) March 13 is the day.  

Have a great week!! :)                            

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