Monday, February 25, 2013

You're Not A Selfish Bitch...


                       I hear this crap all the time, " I can't take my poor kids to the gym they won't like it." I have too much housework" "I can't take an hour for myself away from my home and family because I feel guilty or selfish." or "There is no child care there.".  Here's how I see it....You are not being selfish because you are practicing a healthy lifestyle. When your kids see you going to the gym and eating healthy foods they want to do it too. They may not like hanging out in the kid area or baby bucket at first but they will survive, then get used to it, then, probably even start to enjoy it and get involved.  You are teaching your kids the importance of staying fit and they will carry that lesson throughout their lifetime.  I mean if we don't have our health what do we have?

                  I understand that most peoples lifestyles do not allow them to train the way I do now. It is very time consuming and expensive but I didn't always do it this way. I remember starting AA for the first time and not having a drivers license.  I threw that little one year old in a bike seat and off we went to the gym everyday.  It cost 20 bucks a month. I got into really great shape and felt very accomplished and proud. You can totally do it too....I promise.  Later after a few more alcoholic bouts (you see we are very stubborn and it takes some of us a while...LOL) I got my shit together.  I started going to globo gym here and there but was bored.  I luckily found CrossFit a few years ago and I certainly was not bored with that.  It really helped ignite my fire for fitness again.  I took Emma with me when I had to and she was probably around 7 years old at the time.  Now that she was older and saw me lifting she got interested as well. We lucked out and found  Coach C and before we knew it she was ranked 2nd in the nation in Olympic weightlifting and travels all over to compete.  She loves gymnastics as well and I think it is a great combo.  She stays busy and it is very good for her.  She has learned a great deal about accountability.  She is responsible beyond her years. She understands that if you put a bunch of crap fuel in, crap performance comes out and you do not feel well. You see they are watching and they either see you sitting on the couch eating bon bons and watching Honey Boo Boo ( I totally watch that train wreck, just sayin) or they see you getting out and being active, feeling good and having fun.  It is NOT SELFISH to want to be healthy and have healthy kids. It is NOT SELFISH to want to be able and get out and do fun activities with your kids. It is NOT SELFISH to want to be around to play with your grand kids.  

            I only speak from my experience.  I know what it's like to lead an extremely unhealthy life full of incredibly bad habits and now I know what it is like on the flip side as well. I've been in a horrible place where I thought it was impossible to change.  I can't imagine going back there to the way I was. I feel amazing not only physically but mentally. I guess that is why I am so passionate about this.  I know what it is like to not feel good and it sucks.  It took some time and a ton of effort to change but it was so worth it.  I am certainly far from perfect but as long as I am taking more steps forward then I am back I am totally winning. Feeling good about myself and having energy to take care of my family rocks.  When mama bear is happy and confident, looking and feeling her best the rest of the family benefits for sure.

Positives of the week:  Honestly nothing that super great comes to mind this week. I know training went well at the beginning of the week then by Thursday and Friday I was struggling and coming down with something.  I have been off many days in a row and have the itch to get back at it.  I am just glad it is over and I am feeling better.  On to a new week full of goodness.

Negatives: I WAS SICK!!!!!!!!!! OMG I don't know what the hell I had but I HAVEN'T EATEN IN DAYS!!!  I felt horrible and just kept thinking, " I'm losing weight OH NO!!!  I'm losing beautiful muscle!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!".  I am finally feeling better.  Whew!!!


Take some time for yourself and HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!

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