Sunday, February 3, 2013

Week 10...PS I Am Allowed To Be Naked In Here!

         Ok so I can't believe it's my tenth post.  I feel like I have made a bunch of progress though so it  is cool.  Here's a pic from this morning that my husband took.  Off season, building muscle, my mid section is thinning out a bit and I'm feeling good.


           It's obvious Greg was my photographer because the other pic I had to choose from for today was this:
                                             Thanks honey..... At least it is hot.

               Anyway, I was sick this week with a horrible sore throat and went to the doctor on Friday.  I'm on meds and feeling better.  I took Friday off and cut out some cardio on Thursday and today.  Back at it tomorrow.  Hopefully my voice will return soon because even my usual Mini Mouse voice sounds better then the spawn of Rachel Ray and Gilbert Gottfried that I am workin with now.  So for being sick this week training went pretty well. I think our training even made Amber puke a little in her mouth during these 4 sets of 75 leg things that J(our trainer) wanted us to do on Saturdays, so that was WAY AWESOME.  I didn't like the fact I only made it to the Fit Factory once this week but I will make up for it starting Monday.

       Ok so here is my little rant because I guess I need to write about something.  The women in the locker room that look at me like I am a complete idiot get on my nerves.  HEY DUMB ASSES ITS A LOCKER ROOM I AM ALLOWED TO BE NAKED IN HERE!! THAT IS WHAT IT IS FOR!!!!  I assure you these are the same morons that are talking about not lifting more then 5lbs because it will make them bulk up and look manly.  I CAN'T STAND THIS SHIT.  In my day dreams on the treadmill not only am I a hustler (thank you Jay-Z for some of the best workout music) but I am also punching these women in the throat. The end.

Positives of the week:  My trainer said I was making way more progress faster then he thought! Woooohooo!!  He also hinted that I could do the April show but no way.  I would like to go watch that one so I can kinda see what it is all about.   My cheat meal was delicious.  I made my knock off brown sugar chicken nachos from Fish House Grill in Wrightsville Beach.  I love that place and it will be my first meal after competition for sure.  My comp is in Wilmington in June so might as well turn that comp into a mini vacation! :)


Negatives of the week:  I was sick but no biggie.  Already feeling better and ready to get back to it.

Have a great week. :)              

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