Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Addict In Me.


      The addict in me is already worried about my next fix.  I am crazy.  Researching nutrition and other things to help me reach new goals.  My first competition is in 20 days and I already can't wait to start training for the next round.   I hope to get stronger over the next few months on a caveman diet.  From what I have been reading though it would be beneficial for me to keep something like oats at least in the mornings for training purposes. I think that may be crucial in getting some proper carbs to grow some more legs. Otherwise I could probably just get away with root veggies and dense greens instead of things like rice.  I would obviously keep my yummy protein powders but may look for something more natural.  I will not rid myself of peanut butter.  It's not paleo but I don't care.  The Fit Factory is certainly in my future plans and a CrossFit gym.  I know I will probably want to WOD a time or two a week because I really do enjoy it too.

         I am worried about my training buddy moving. She wants me not to talk about it but my addict behavior is taking over.  I am more then worried, I am obsessing. Thelma and Louise!!!!   I don't like this one bit.  I mean day in and day out we sweat together and give it our all for hours on end.  It's our passion and sanity.  It's going to be a tough change.  I know God has a plan and we will survive moving onto the next chapter but I do not have to like it.   I will be accepting applications for someone to train with, however you must be a beautiful blonde angel beast sent directly from heaven to me, who never has any excuses and trains like she gets millions of dollars just to work out. You have get to the gym no matter what your gigantic family throws your way. You must leave it all on the floor everyday and also keep me in line. You must be a tad overly sensitive to make up for my insensitivity.  I can be paranoid and rude for the both of us. Minimum requirements of skills are OHS your body weight for 5, back squat it for 20, strict pull ups for sure and be able to bat your eyelashes at 100 rep sets of everything else.....  Holy shit, I am going to miss our work outs my friend. I'm totally kidding about applications.... we all know you can never be replaced.  While these other girls sit on the JV bench we work our asses off.  We will have to Skype or Facetime some gym time!!   I am already planning a trip to Washington so we can shop for my other addiction....SPEED SHORTS!! Canadian prints baby!!  ;)  Thank you for doing all this craziness with me. It wouldn't have been the same without you.  I am sad but excited for our futures.  June 8th will be so bitter sweet.  This really has been a ride of a lifetime and we are so blessed. Oh and Amber, YES I WILL EVEN MISS THOSE DAMN KIDS!!!! ;)

           I am excited and relaxed about competition.  It's nothing to stress over, again, this is a hobby and should be fun.  Especially now that my body has gone above and beyond my wildest expectations.  I can't believe that washboard is mine!!  So cool!!! In fact I am so lean I got hooked up with unlimited greens and other treats!! ( I bet I just jinxed myself LOL)  I feel great and I can't wait!!   I am looking beyond WIERD now. It's cool but even if it was possible to keep this up I wouldn't. I caught my husband grabbing my shoulders the other day with a WTF look on his face!!  PRICELESS!!! Now three or four weeks ago, that would be a different story because it would be great to look like that all the time but this is crazy!!   It's tooooo much and people stare and even run into displays at Walmart when they see me. I can't go into Food Lion without a bunch of ridiculous comments.  It is awesome and I can't wait to walk through Target tomorrow with Amber. People will be tripping and whispering around every that's entertainment. <3 it!

Negatives of the week:  I may need a new 12 step program for powdered peanut butter...... NOTHING IN MODERATION!!!.... ADDICT!!!!   Or maybe I can just head over to AA and add peanut butter in after i introduce myself as an alcoholic I'm sure friends of Bill wouldn't mind. They've heard it all.  Monday and Tuesday I was in a shit mood.  IT WAS SOOOOOOOO BAD!!!  I assume it's because I was slammed and missed some Fit Factory time. I was also very, very tired and my back was hurting. I just felt drained. I literally had to put myself in timeout Tuesday morning instead of going to the gym.

Positives:  I got all fixed, had a therapeutic massage, adjustment, and got a couple ribs put back in place. Only missed 2 days of lifting to rest my back but did legs and cardio to fill the void. Feelin like a million bucks now especially after all the extra calories and green goodness!!!!! Ahead of schedule and HAPPY!!!!  20 DAYS TILL THE BEACH AND CANDY!!!!!!!!!


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