Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sobriety Birthdays and Training.

               Let's face it without sobriety birthdays I would have nothing.  There is no way I would be comfortable, content and happy in my own skin.   I surely wouldn't have a great marriage to my best friend.  I wouldn't be able to take care of my daughter.  There is no way in hell I would of been able to take care of my dad with Alzheimer's all while training for a team going to the CrossFit games.  In fact, I would most likely be in prison or dead. NO joke.  So as this time of year rolls around once again, I am counting my many sobriety blessing and thanking the Lord for all I have.  It's incredible how much a person can change when they really want it.

       The best way I know how to wrap my head around my disease is to imagine it being almost like a cancer.  Left untreated it will surely kill me, but with treatment eventually I am in remission and although I will never be cured, because I will always be an alcoholic, I can get pretty darn close the longer I go without a drink. At first when I stopped I was violently ill and had to go to the hospital. Then I had to leave my family for weeks and head to Mayberry( ya no shit my rehab was in Mayberry LOL). I went more then once.... It's a process and at first and you are so fragile and immature it's hard to even function doing daily tasks.  Then as time passes you start healing and caring for others again.  I've done the 12 steps and I've had sponsors, in fact I'm sure I did step one a thousand times and 2,3,and 4 quite a few too. HAHA!! I believe in the Big Book and still read it very often.  No matter where you are in you recovery that thing knows you way better then you will ever know yourself and it helps me tremendously by keeping this ego of mine in check. I guess my daily path is a little different then most others. Some people make their AA meetings everyday or some head to their church groups,  I almost feel like the gym/box is my meeting and that barbell is my sponsor and it feeds that hunger and makes me happy.  It relieves my stress and makes me want to be better and help others meet their goals too.  It's turned into something more then just looking good for me for sure.  So whatever it is you do remember it only works if you work it ;)  No doubt. ;)

      Ok so I think I am finally ready for my diet and workouts to change. I have been eating up everything in sight and laying off cardio so I crave it now.  I am up for a challenge and excited to see what my body is going to turn into starting next week. I am sure I will be eating these words and kicking myself when I am hungry, tired and craving chocolate and pizza wanting nothing but to get off that treadmill and rower... Blaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggggggghhhhh.....  Anyway, time for a progress pic :


                     I know, I know incredibly inappropriate and hot....right up my alley. DUH

Negatives of the week:  After that funky stomach bug I was still struggling at training until about Wednesday or so.  Also it just took me like four times to spell Wednesday even with spell check.  Holy fuck.

Positives of the week:  After I felt better it was GAME ON.   I killed it at the gym and got to work out with my buddy Amber nearly everyday in the warm and cushy globo!! It was great.  One evening we did a good WOD at CF with heavy farmers carry and burpees. I had a great time.  FYI:  I am the farmers carry queen. It must be my giant man hands.   I ate Phish Food and Mellow Mushroom so I was LIVIN IT UP this weekend!!! Whoooooohooooooo!!!!  Happy birthday to me!!! ;)

Have a great week and count your blessings!!!

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