Sunday, March 10, 2013

Eat More.


      So I have been sitting here pondering why I worked my ass off for a couple years but didn't get the results I wanted.  Conclusion:  I obviously didn't eat enough.  Yeah sure the types of workouts have something to do with it, but only eating a couple times a day killed any chance I had for the legs and ass I've always dreamed of.  I am so glad a good trainer finally came into my life and taught me different.

         So for well over 2 years I went to CrossFit day in and day out and heard nothing but Paleo this and Paleo that.  Yeah that is fucking great and all but what about eating it consistently throughout the day?  No one ever seemed to mention that little tidbit.  A bunch of people sure as hell came over and gave me advice on snatches and cleans even though most of them had no business doing so... but NEVER ONE MENTION OF EATING ENOUGH TO FUEL MY BODY FOR RECOVERY AND GROWTH THROUGHOUT THE DAY.  WTF!?! Maybe people think it is common knowledge but it wasn't for me. I always knew to have a protein shake after each workout so I didn't waste it....but I did waste my workouts.  That is because I would drink nothing but coffee in the morning and then go train my ass off and then maybe have a meal by 1 or 2pm. NO FUEL!!!! I would eat meat and almond flour bread in the evening like a savage and never enough greens. ( and pizza and cake or whatever too sometimes...duh)  I would go hours and hours without a meal but expect my muscles to grow and get stronger.  It can't work like that and now I understand why.  I have been on a diet where I eat 6 good quality meals a day along with protein shakes and in the last 12 weeks I have gained 10 pounds of gorgeous lean muscle.  I am stronger then ever and it feels great.

      My point is, I see women go to the box or gym everyday and not get results except for maybe a few PR's here and there.  They work  hard doing hero wods and benchmarks but still look the same.  Please don't waste it.  Eat more.  Way more.  Eat high quality balanced meals every couple hours and your body will change. It needs that fuel to grow beautiful, lean and strong. Buy a meal plan if you have to or do some research.  You already spend money and time on working out you might as well get the results you want. I just wish someone would of told me sooner because I am finally getting to where I want to be.

          Shout out to Deedee and all of Brier Creek CF for sending me some great new tees to rock at my globo gym.  I promise to strut around in there like a sponsored athlete!!!  Don't forget their awesome box will be hosting a garage games in the fall so sign up!!!! It would be a great goal for athletes who aren't quite ready for this years open and any one else that digs competing.  It is a great facility.  You guys rock!!!! Thanks!!!!

Negatives this week:  I ate like DOO DOO getting the last couple days in!!!! My elbow has been bugging me a bit from my old bike accident ( yeah sounds super cool until I tell you it was a bicycle.) I see ortho again tomorrow.

Positives:  I ate like DOO DOO this week.  It was so yummy.  I get my new meal plan on Wednesday ( I still can't spell Wednesday, holy shit) I am ready to lean out and turn up the volume on training!! Time to start setting the alarm an hour earlier!!!  It's gonna be tough but I am ready!!!  Lets GET IT!!

Have a great week and eat lots of good for you meats and green veggies often!!!!

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  1. Awesome work! Keep it up can't wait to see you on TV one day being all famous and crap!