Sunday, March 17, 2013

12 Weeks Out.

          OK so time is flying and competition is in 12 weeks. I figured I better take some pics before the body fat starts melting off. It's gonna be all sorts of crazy awesome.  I started my prep diet on Wednesday and I am doing really well.  I gained some confidence by diving right in and even traveling overnight and PMSing during this first week.  I packed my food everywhere I went and prepared each night.  I even brought my measured chicken and rice to a pancake house!  Those pancakes looked delicious but being lean on stage sounds better to me and I am going to do my best to stay focused.  I can tell already that being prepared will be my savior.

     The diet is hard but it is going better then I thought. I pee constantly because of all the water.  I always assume it may get even harder and mentally prepare but progress is my best motivator so we shall see how it goes.  I am a green pea for sure and have no clue how I am going to handle everything. I only cried once and gagged about a hundred times.  It's weird,  I kind of like how challenging it is. Crystal light has quickly become my taste bud bff.  I am sitting here starving right now and counting down the minutes until I can have a shake. I am taking some fat burners from the nutrition store.  I am not used to anything stronger then coffee recently so I don't like the way I feel.  I know I will get used to it though. Just like when it only took half a scoop of Jack3d before I worked out and then before I knew it, BAM it turned into 3 scoops...I don't even think they are allowed to sell Jack3d anymore LOL!! Anyway, I'm just rollin with it. I can tell it raises my heart rate a bit and it helps me with hunger in the morning which is good. The way I feel is not so good for a couple hours but it's fine. You may catch me grinding my teeth and sweating for no reason the next few days though!!AHHHHHHHH!! HAHA!

   I know this pic is super ugly but my stomach is growling and I have cramps so just getting through this day without a murder charge is the goal.  No time for sprucing it up...

Positives of the week:  A massage that finally fixed my back!!  I have been looking for a person that really did a therapeutic massage for athletes forever!!  Found it!!! It is unbelievable how great I feel!! WIN!!!  It is not a relaxing kind of massage.  It's a get in there get all the junk out sweating and trying not to yell kind of massage.  It was amazing and anyone that really works their body to the max understands what I am talking about.  PURE BLISS!!! ( Cumberland Massage Therapy Center and ask for Dr. Lancaster)
Training is going well and as the volume goes up I am getting excited. GROWING BIGGER MUSCLES!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!! IT"S GO TIME!!!

Negatives:  I started cardio up again.  Booooooo.....but thank God it is nice and warm out!!!  I only had one newbie mess up on diet when I accidentally packed a chicken and rice meal instead of a chicken and broccoli meal.  I looked at the wrong days when packing to go away overnight but no biggie I am moving right along! :)   I am jittery in the AM and starving in the PM.  No worries, I am a big girl so I am gonna suck it up and kick ass.  Time to shine.  :)

Figure out what is on your fitness bucket list and conquer it!!!  Have a great week!!!


  1. You look amazing! What does your goal look like? (bigger muscles, perhaps?) I can't see any fat that you need to burn. And I think your musculature looks fantastic, too ... I'm sure you'll rock out the competition. I think you'd rock it out right now.

  2. Thanks!!! :). I'm hoping to get a little bigger while getting my body fat down to around 5% on comp day. It's gonna be tough!!!! :)