Sunday, March 24, 2013

Holy F*ck This Diet!!

       Ok no joke some moments I struggle.  I can get hungry and tired and I day dream of King Size Milky Way's.  It reminds me a bit like quitting smoking.  I really want it so it makes it easier but at times my mind starts totally fucking with me.... "Go ahead Shayna have that pear, no one will know.", Hey Shayna you don't have to be balled up on the couch in the fetal position with your hoodie up starving and freezing to death you can quit this insanity." Thankfully those are small battles and only last a short period.  For the most part I am getting used to it.  My mind set has quickly gone from "food is for yummy enjoyment" to "this food is here to get me to my goal".  Paleo will be easy after this mess!!

 Check out the levels of douche I'm rockin here at the globo today.  First the meat head shirt up #1 sign in the locker room and then the bicep cable pose.  Throw in a CF tank and BAM the level is so high you can't handle me!!! Hilarious and you are welcome!!!

        So I started my diet last Wednesday and I weighed 151 lbs.  Friday I went on the same scale and was 144.  OH HELL YEAH!!!  This is fun.

Negatives of the week:  The diet, it's hard.  My alarm goes off at 5:30 every single morning and I want to hit snooze. I have to get up and eat or I will be off schedule and be screwed the rest of the day.  Everything must be packed and prepared.  I miss eating out....A TON.  Restaurants are one of my favorite pastimes.   

Positives:  The diet DUH!!! Look at my progress!!!! It's amazing!!!!  I feel good and I want to train constantly!!! :)

Remember diet is everything!!!! Have a great week!!!!

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