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         Whew that's a hard thing for me sometimes.  I'm usually all in or nothing at all.  Just recently my daughter came home with a crap grade on her report card.  At first I just thought well this is her fault, but then after speaking with my husband "Direct Greg", I realized it was mine too.  She would leave the house at 8 am 4 days a week and not come home until 9 or later on school nights.  We live far from gymnastics and by the time she got home the last thing we would want to do together is school stuff.  ( Let's face it, the last thing I ever want to do is school stuff!!) She also was trying to keep up weightlifting a couple days a week. I love athletics so it over shadowed her school which in turn dropped down on my priorities.  The balance was all off.  She was  
slacking and I wasn't following up, something needed to change.  So, gymnastics is gone for now or forever...we will see how it goes but one thing I know is I sure love having her home most nights after school now.  She is thriving at weightlifting and doing wods. She has ample time for other sports like volleyball and softball. We are able to get her school work done and have dinner together at home....Ok she has dinner and I sit there with my shake. DUH! We took a step back looked at our situation and decided to change it up. I am hopeful it is for the better. That didn't make the life changing decision less difficult.  She devoted a ton of time to that sport and I am a little sad about that. I think no matter what happens she will carry the experience of being on a team and training so many hours a day throughout her life and be better for it.    

Already making progress:
Emma's muscle up video

        My point is balance is a difficult thing for me and therefore needs constant upkeep. I wonder if everyone is like that or do they all have it together like their Facebook lives show LOL. Thankfully my husband understands me so well it's scary. He let's me know whats up and keeps me in check.  I try to do the same for him. Holy shit my mother was an only child, I'm an only child and so is Emma!!!  I'm sure that doesn't help matters!! Couple that with my addict mentality I constantly need to watch things are not getting out of control.  I can easily focus on my training and my house go to shit.  I could push my kid into so much athletics that she starts to hate school and has little time for friends. I will ignore things I don't like even though they should be at the top of my priority list.  One can be tooooo many and a thousand not enough....cheat meals, BFF Buttercup phone time, crap TV shows, drinks, gym memberships, Lulu, dogs, orgasms ...the list goes on and on. These are not all bad things but I can go overboard with ANYTHING.  I have been around the block enough to learn from my mistakes and try something different when I have to. Sometimes it just takes a minute to realize I have to change.  As long I am always trying to take more steps forward then back we are all good.  Change is hard and no matter how old I get there is always growing pains.  I think they are a good thing because the last thing I want to do is remain stagnant with the same faults I had years ago.

FAVORITE....TRAINING!!  The balance there is simple.  It has a lot to do with my friend Amber!!!  I can be such a sarcastic bitch sometimes and she is the nicest person on earth.  She is the yin to my yang. She pushes me and understands how training is the best therapy. She balances her family, work and training all with a great attitude.  She lets me rant on and on about all kinds of crap about diet, training, and beyond.  She listens to me incessantly talk about my bodily fluids. I make her laugh and she warms my heart. She always has such a sweet perspective on everything I throw at her. The more challenging the better for us!!!  Like me she can beat up most full grown men and she loves to train hard and dirty.  It's incredible that two years ago we went to the CrossFit games together on a team and are now training for this!!!!  I can't wait to be up on that stage with her!!!! WHAT AMAZING EXPERIENCES TOGETHER!!!!!!

Negatives of the week:   This FUCKING DIET!!!  These people are nuts!!!!!  I was so DESPERATE one day that I hid in the fridge, shoved 3 cubes of colby cheese in my mouth, chewed them up until they were mush and then spit them in the garbarge.  I'm not above it and I'm not kidding....

Positives:  Everything else. I feel truly blessed to have the time, resources and support to take this on.  My life is freaking awesome.  I am killing it at the gym.  My ass is finally becoming worthy enough for a song to be written about it.  No shit! :)

Happy Easter and have a great week!!!

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